Content and Inclusions

  • Learning the skills to apply Wispy Volume/Kim K effect lashes
  • Learning how to work with 0.05mm and 0.03mm diameter Lashes
  • Learn the skill to apply up to 15D volume
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Exclusive lash mapping for Wispy Volume
  • Student Kit – over $300 in value
  • Lunch, snacks & drinks
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime On Going Support, Mentoring and Social Media Advertising
  • Lifetime 20% discounts on our exclusive lash products
  • Live Model Practice
In this intensive one day workshop, you will be learning my technique to create the textured look and to achieve the Kim K Wispy effect.
Your Manual also includes a detailed ‘Lash Mapping’ for this wispy look.
Throughout our time together, I will explain the difference between Russian Volume and American Volume and using my technique, you will be able to greatly reduce your volume set application time.

Program Pre-requisites

  1. Must be currently certified in at least classic lashes and active in the industry. (You do not need to be volume certified to attend this workshop)
  2. Must have the skills to perform ‘perfect isolation’ application.


Theory, Styling, Business coaching & Model practice

Commencement Time: 10:00 am
Finish: 6:00 pm
· Q & A throughout the day
· Disinfection and Sanitisation
· Everything you need to know about Adhesives
- Adhesive recommendation
· The ‘Lash Weight Guide’
· Russian Volume vs American Volume
- 0.03 lashes and their benefits
· Wispy Styling / How to create the Kim K wispy effect
· Mapping, Placement, Wrapping, Layering
· Clientele Management
· Pricing
· Social Media Strategies
- Content creating
· Instagram Worthy Lash Photography
· Photo editing
· Model Assessment
Enrolment resumes early 2021