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Tint and Lash Lift Sydney

If you've ever wondered how models get those gorgeous, standout lashes, this is it. A lash lift can enhance your lashes naturally without the need for mascara and give you fuller, more noticeable lashes for up to 8 weeks! A tint, lift is low maintenance and can give almost everyone incredible results. Book a lash lift Sydney appointment with one of our stylists today and experience the difference for yourself 0410 715 182.

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

By using specialised soft silicon pads our stylists can gently and easily shape your lashes, making them look longer and fuller. We curl your lash from the root, making sure to get all your lashes for longer lasting, better looking results. Unlike the name would imply, there is no heat involved in a lash lift, making the process completely safe for most people. However, if you have sensitive skin we recommend checking before proceeding, as there have been rare occasions of people having allergic reactions.

lash lift sydney

Can I Get an Eyelash Lift and Lash Extensions?

Unfortunately you probably won't be able to get lash extensions and a lash lift at the same time. Extensions can cause problems when getting a lift, and won't bond properly if you have currently lifted lashes. We recommend waiting the 6-8 weeks for either to wear off before getting extensions or a lash lift Sydney. The only exception is for light lifts with only a slight curl, as they are still close enough to natural lashes for extensions to bond to with good results.

Complete the Look with Tint

While you won't need to use other products, eyelash tint can make your lifted lashes stand out further and give you results you wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise. Our stylists will tint your lashes to make them stand out, enhancing the overall look created by the lift. If you have naturally light lashes a tint and lift can drastically change the way they look. For the best possible results, a tint is the way to go. All our lash lifts come with free optional tinting, helping you maximise the results you get from your lift. To find out if a lash tint is the right option for you, talk to our team today.

Book Online Today

If you're thinking about getting a lash lift or eyelash perm Sydney, our team can help you get the look you're after. Book your appointment online today or call us now on 0410 715 182.

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