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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of all the best parts of classic extensions and volume lash extensions. By using a mix of both, we can achieve results that are far more filled out and lifelike, with variation in length and thickness just like real lashes. If you're after lashes that are more visible than classic extensions, yet aren't quite as extravagant as volume lashes, then mixed hybrid lashes may be the perfect option for you. Book an appointment today and our stylists can help you find the perfect look.

Tailored Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Everyone's eyes are different and need different care. With a steady hand our stylists apply your lashes individually by hand to achieve the results you're after. This way, we can achieve better looking, longer lasting results that you can wear with confidence. Hybrid eyelash extensions can be used to get a variety of different results, ranging from natural looking lashes to the full, staggered look popularised by Kim Kardashian. If you're getting lash extensions for the first time or moving up from classic extensions, our experienced lash technicians can help find the kind of extensions that will give you the best possible results.

hybrid eyelash extensions

Are Hybrid, Classic or Volume Lashes Better?

This is a tricky question, as it comes down entirely to your preferences. Each style is distinct and different, changing the way they look and the how they feel when you're wearing them. While our stylists can help you to an extent, giving you the specific look you're after, only you are going to know which ones are better for your needs. It's important to remember that regardless of the type of extensions you get they will need proper care to look their best. We recommend getting infill every 2-3 weeks, as this will keep your lashes looking their best and is cheaper than getting completely new extensions every time.

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Experienced Lash Stylists

Our team of stylists have years of experience and have trained at some of the world's leading lash and cosmetics schools. We've delivered incredible results for hundreds of people like yourself, using our skills to provide you with gorgeous lashes that suit your style. We aim to make you feel beautiful inside and out, and provide you with an amazing service experience from start to finish. We're passionate about lashes, constantly looking for the latest styles and techniques to give you the best possible results.

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Get full and natural looking hybrid eyelash extensions with LBA Lashes. We're one of the leading lash stylists in Sydney, with the skills and experience to give you incredible results every single time you visit. Book an appointment online today or talk to our stylists for more information on our services.

We also offer an eyelash extension course Sydney and stock all the lash extension supplies you need!  

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