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Eyelash Extensions Manly

Perfect your look with LBA Eyelash Extensions Manly. Our talented stylists can help you bring out the natural beauty of your eyes, or go full glamour with our signature Wispy Volume or Wispy Mega lash extensions. Whether you're getting lash extensions for the first time or need infill for your current extensions, LBA Lashes can help you look your best all year round. Book an appointment online now or talk to our stylists about getting lash extensions

Choose LBA Lashes for Your Extensions

While the right eyelash extensions can enhance your looks a hundred times over, badly applied extensions can have the opposite effect, and may even damage your natural lashes! LBA's stylists have years of experience behind them and the skills from training at some of the world's leading beauty academies. We use exclusively high quality LBA brand lashes and perfectly isolate each natural lash to give you incredible, lasting results. We understand that everyone's needs are unique, and have worked hard to be able to deliver a service that meets those needs.
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Wispy Volume and Wispy Mega Lashes

LBA Lashes specialise in Wispy Volume and Wispy Mega lashes, a specific style of lash extension that gives incredible, eye grabbing results. These lashes can be big and glamourous, perfect for making a statement or taking your look to the next level, can also be wispy and natural for everyday wear. We're also one of the only stylists in Australia offering these lashes.

If you're thinking about getting Wispy lash extensions, there are a few things to note. First of all, not all Wispy lashes are created equal. Wispy Volume lashes can be applied to look more natural while still keeping the fullness and volume that gives them their name, while Wispy Mega lashes will give you the glamourous, sometimes over the top look that is so iconic. Our high-quality lashes are designed to be lightweight and durable. In fact, they can be lighter than our classic extensions, to the point where you may not even realise you're wearing them! If you're interested in learning more about Wispy eyelash extensions manly, call us today.

eyelash extensions manly

High Quality Extensions

For all our clients we use exclusively high-quality extensions and adhesives to give you the best results. Our products are tested and chosen by our team and are 100% safe to use when applied correctly by a professional lash stylist. They're guaranteed to look incredible for weeks. While they can last for 6-8 weeks, we recommend getting them filled in every 2-4 weeks, as this will ensure you look your best and keep your natural lashes healthy. Getting an extension infill is also cheaper than replacing all your lashes every 8 weeks.

Book Eyelash Extensions Manly Today

If you're thinking about getting eyelash extensions, talk to our team today and let our talented lash stylists take care of you. We can help you get the lashes you're dreaming of. Book an appointment online today or call us on 0410 715 182 to book and discuss your needs with our team.

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