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Classic Eyelash Extensions

Get natural looking eyelash extensions and enhance your natural beauty with classic eyelash extensions. LBA Lashes have a range of different classic extensions available, ready to be fitted by one of our talented stylists. Eyelash extensions can dramatically change the look of your eyes, making them look bigger, more dramatic, fuller and more depending on how they're fitted. Our technicians tailor our extensions to your needs, carefully fitting each individual lash to your existing lashes with stunning results. For reliably gorgeous and long-lasting lashes, book an appointment for classic lashes online today.

Classic Lashes vs Volume Lashes

Compared to classic lashes, volume lashes are a real fashion statement. They're big, bold and hard to ignore, making no attempt to hide their glamour. If you're going for a specific style and need thick lashes, volume lashes will give you the results you're looking for. Volume lashes will usually last longer than classic, as there are many more thinner and finer extensions attached. Volume lashes suit almost everyone especially for people with sparse lashes as volume lashes can achieve a fuller look for them. Most of people are afraid to try volume lashes because they think volume lashes are heavier, but it’s actually the opposite! Because we use thinner lashes, and create and apply our volume fans by hand, volume lashes are sometimes even lighter than classic lashes. If you’re tossing up between classic and volume lashes, talk to our team today to find out which options will meet your needs.

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World-Class Trained Lash Technicians

Our lash stylists and technicians are professionally trained by some of the world's best. We're dedicated to our craft, offering unique styling for each of our clients and attaching your extensions one by one to achieve incredible results. If you're coming in for the first time our stylists can provide you with all the information you need. We're here to help from the moment you call, working with you to give you tailored lashes that fit your unique needs and style, lashes you can be proud of. We guarantee you'll leave feeling like a star.

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High Quality Classic Eyelash Extensions

With our signature wispy classic lash extensions Sydney we can turn your eyelashes into a true work of art. Our LBA eyelash extensions are tried and tested, and made of high-quality materials that, when applied correctly by an LBA technician, won't cause any damage and will give you lasting results. Book your appointment online today.

We're available for eyelash extension services in the Greater Sydney region including eyelash extensions Chatswood and more. 

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