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Studio Policy



  • Please note all deposits are non-refundable, however if a cancellation is made or clients need to reschedule, we are able transfer the deposit to a new booking given a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you can no longer make it to your appointment, you are more than welcome to send someone else in to fill in your spot. 
  • We do not refund gift vouchers, they are non transferable, not redeemable for cash, products or other services.
  • Specials/discounts/promotions cannot be combined.
  • Gift Vouchers must be used within 12 months from purchase.

Before the appointment 

*** If you have previously experienced allergic reaction to eyelash extensions, you must have GP’s written approval to proceed with treatment. ***


  • Please arrive with NO eye makeup. Arriving to your appointment with strip lash glue residue or mascara and eyeliner, we have the right to refuse the service and deposits are non-transferable.
  • Please do not curl your lashes on the day of your appointment
  • Please do not use an oil-based makeup remover (oil residue may create a weaker bond between the extensions and your natural lashes) 
  • Coming in with dirty lashes will result in time deducted from your booking (ie. LESS LASHES APPLIED!) or appointment cancelled. Lash extensions simply do not stick to dirty lashes.
  • Please remove your contacts prior treatment. This will minimize potential infections or irritation to the eyes.
  • Please contact us!! If you are running late, please notify us by text messages or phone calls. We will try to accommodate you however we cannot guarantee to perform the full treatment, and standard fees will still apply.
  • If a no show occurs, 100% of the service cost will be charged, and we will no longer provide our services to you.    



After the appointment 

  • Please contact the studio within 48 hours of your initial appointment if we did not perform services to meet your expectations. 
  • Eyelash extension may not be suitable for everybody. Please note that reactions/irritations may occur to anyone at no fault of lash techs or products used. 
  • If this happens, please go to see a doctor as soon as possible and contact us immediately so we can arrange a time to remove your extensions. Should you need to seek medical attention, you must do so, and at your own expense.
  • While there are no refunds for this service once applied, removal within 48 hours is complimentary. It is important to understand that self-removal methods or having another practitioner or professional - even your doctor- remove your extensions) may result in excessive lash breakage and temporary damage.
  • Lash shampoo is a MUST for aftercare. Lash extensions must be cleansed daily with extension approved cleanser to maintain the health of your natural lashes, preventing bacteria from building up.


  • We DO NOT infill other salon’s work. No exception.
  • You MUST have at least 40% of lashes left to qualify as a fill.
  • Infills are charged by weeks. Please book accordingly.
  • Lashes over 4 weeks will be charged as a full set.